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Tips For Paying Your Bills

No one wants to or even likes paying bills.  Each month that we use services such as power, water, cable and more, we get a bill from the companies that provide these services asking for payment.  If we fail to pay these payments, then they will come and shut off our services.  This is why we want to make sure we have enough money in the bank account at Columbia Bank Woodbridge or your local bank to pay these bills.

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Pay power and water first

Out of all the bills that we have the first two that you need to pay first are your power and water.  The reason for this is that they are two of the most vital bills that need to be covered.  After paying these two bills the rest of them are optional to a point.

Lower your payments as much as possible

When looking at your bills take a close look at to what you are being charged.  In many cases you will be paying for services and options that you don’t use or are mostly taxes and fees.  What you want to do is go and contact these companies and talk to them about these charges and have them justify them to you.  If you find fault or if you can negotiate a lower payment, then you are going to save money.  Sometimes it takes a lot of elbow grease to get what you need.

Pay up in advance

When you get some extra money or you are going to blow money on something else, consider paying up on a bill in advance.  If you pay a few months ahead on your bills, then you can start to work and manage your money better.  If you can figure out how much you pay each month on these bills and can manage to pay three or more months ahead, do it.  This way you can stow cash away in your local bank for the future and if an emergency arises, you have capital to play with.

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